Saturday, February 21, 2009

Youth Quake

Hi everyone how are you all doing? if you wanna know mine I am great:) I just like to share my activity last Friday, we attended YOUTH QUAKE @ Calvary Temple, OR. What is it? It's a youth gathering from all other churches. Sharing their talents that God given to them, We are from Valley Christian Fellowship in White City, OR. What we did there was we praise God with all of our hearts through our dance and skit. For me that was one of my memorable experience that I could keep forever, serving and praising God is awesome once you felt God's presence, I saw a lot of young that has passion for our God who died for our sins up on the cross. We should remember that God is Love....because of his Love for ALL of us he gave his only begotten son Jesus to save our sins. So I would like to share some pics and videos about this event...God I love you.....God Bless everyone.

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  1. EloW...,
    We know god is good for everything.....

    you have new look and is looking very cute to you my dear ate..tca